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Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Trailer Review: Have Your Tickets Ready

Unlike Marvel Studio’s contemporary superheroes, Spider-Man has always been portrayed as a promising teenager who tries to balance his heroic-duties the high school responsibilities. Which surely is not an easy thing to do if you have to save the world and your grades probably at the same time. Sometimes deciding which one is the toughest requires many discussions. Some would say that saving the world might perhaps be the coolest thing, which can bring girls and glory all at the same time.

Since Peter Parker is a kid trying to fit in and be a hero this makes him the most compelling young lad. Furthermore, most of his villains are science freaks and the conflicts that he face are purely local. They are not earth shattering, world breaking, and galaxy-spanning issues. Spidey does not play well as an uber action hero. This film seems to have it right!

First of all, before I begin here are the Spider-Man Homecoming Trailers uploaded on YouTube. But beware; you might fall in love with Tom Holland. He is definitely a treat for the eyes.

Spider-Man Battles Fake Super Villains
The trailer is packed with big Spidey moments. God! I just love how he manages to retain his sense of humor despite the tragedies he face as a savior. Some of scenes will remind you of Bugs Bunny when the he will cleverly “What’s up Doc” his way out of a bank robbery, fighting the fake avengers.

Spider-Man striking the Bugs Bunny Pose

Spidey Gets All the Avenger Support He Needs
Well not to disappoint the Avengers fans Spider-Man Homecoming will be featuring the real heroes as well. Robert Downey Jr. as the Iron-Man will be fighting the evil and mentoring our beloved Spidey. Especially when the villain wears a cybernetic flying suit. Iron-Man’s entry was a must to assist Peter Parker at some point.

Another good news is that Iron-Man is not the only one to grace the screen with his presence, as our very own Captain American will also be a part of a fitness challenge PSA shown in the gym of high school.

Iron-Man and Captain America in Spider-Man Homecoming Movie

Michael Keaton as “The Vulture”
From the Green Goblin to the Lizard, Spider-Man movies always feature a variety of villains. In Spider-Man Homecoming, he will fight the old comic baddie “The Vulture” and I’m very excited to see how the fight will end. Seems like the Vulture will be hard to defeat, but Spidey’s eventually going to win. After all good always triumphs over the evil. This is going to be Michael Keaton’s third bird themed role. His most noteworthy contribution to superhero movie genre was his role as Batman, but now he is going to be a “Bad-Man” and I bet you are going to love it.

Flying suit of the Vulture is a well-upgraded version of the green feathery costume that we always saw in the comic books. I simply loved the costume because of the details. Especially the inclusion of feathers around the neck and big steal wings are absolutely stunning. These wings are powerful enough to split an entire cruise ship in half. Here is a glimpse of both the comic and movie versions of the Vulture.

Michael Keaton as Vulture.

Spider-Man Got a New Costume
And how can I forget to mention the changes in the costume that Spider-Man wears. If you have read Spider-Man comic books, you will know that the web wings have long been a part of Spidey’s original costume in the comic books. The trailer has given us a glimpse of these and I am sure you are anxiously waiting to see the wings in action.

Spider-Man just got wings to fly.

Spider-Man Homecoming official release date is 28 June 2017 and we will have to wait to see if the movie works out well or not. In conclusion, one thing is certain; no matter how the movie performs in theaters and how much profit it earns; our love for Spider-Man will never die and we will always wait to see more of him on the big screen.

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