Folks Joining Game of Thrones Gang in Season 7

Game of Thrones has always been the audience’s favorite. From direction to storyline to the cast, everything has always been perfect. No doubt, there can be no question about Game of Thrones popularity and success; but in season 7, as compared to the previous seasons more new cast members have been added. Game of Thrones has always incorporated famous bands in its storyline for cameos, with Will Champion drumming at the Red Wedding, Sigur Rós performing at Joffrey’s wedding and Mastodon playing wildlings raised from the dead at Hardho it never failed to overjoy its audience. This time too many folks will be joining the team. Here is a list:

Ed Sheeran

We absolutely love how he always carries a naughty smile on his face. Though many strive to have him in their shows, most often he does not show up. Seems like luck was on Games of Thrones side this time. It succeeded. To quote David Benioff: “For years we were strived hard enough to have him in our series to make Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark get in awe and this year we did it. Finally.” huge fan of Sheeran. Yes! She is a huge fan of Ed Sheeran. Furthermore, on March 12, we came to know that Sheeran and Maisie filmed a cameo together. How lucky. It is said that it was supposedly a gesture of the creators of the show. Sweet!

Arya’s singing master, maybe?

Tom Hopper and Jim Broadbent

We know both of them so well. They appeared in Harry Potter. We have loved them then and we will love them now as well. Tom is going to take over the role of Dickon, but Broadbent is all set to break the doors and grace our screens as Archmaester. He will be appearing in five episodes with “a major scene in each episode”. Wow! This means his role is “significant”.

Tom Hopper as Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones… Cool!

Jim Broadbent will be seen playing an archmaester in the Oldtown


From season one, various musicians have done cameos in Game of Thrones. In season 7, it is Bastille’s turn. It has been reported that Bastille filmed a cameo on January 19, in which they were dressed as wildlings. However, when they were asked about it at the VO5 NME Awards on 15 February, their frontman, Dan Smith, said it loud enough that it was “merely a studio tour. We are going to see. We are going to see.” Hmmm! He gave an ambiguous statement. Seems like the Bastille’s are planning to surprise us all. A fart in the wind or not? Let us wait and see.

Jeez! Bastille are going to be the hottest wildings ever.

Brendan Morrissey and Rory Dignam

In the second last month of 2016, two Irish actors were added to the cast, Morrissey & Dignam were added to the cast. The CV of Morrissey says that he is going to play ‘Fray’s Lord’ in one of the episodes directed by Jeremy Podeswa. How cool. Sadly, we could not get to know much about the role and it is still unknown. However, the website of his agent has called it “A very nice little supporting role”.

Joseph Quinn

He will play a non-book character called Koner.

Let’s see whether Joseph Quinn can survive long in the power game or not.

Noah Syndergaard

Not just actors sports players are also included in the gang this season. Noah, who is the New York Mets’ baseball player, filmed cameo in Spain, in November 2016. Expressing his excitement, he said, “They knew so well that I am a fan & they invited me to be a part. It was so hard for me to say no. I loudly shouted, “yesssssss!”

Indeed, Noah has all those f air-haired, tall and handsome Lannister qualities.

Some Others

Finally, Conor McGregor, Brendan Cowell (Aussie actor), Megan Parkinson, Philip O’Sullivan (Irish actor) and Paul Ward will also be a part of the upcoming season.


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