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Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Review

Michael Bay’s fifth transformer movie Transformers: The Last Knight release date is June 21, 2017. Paramount pictures has already released its trailer, which gives a brief yet clear idea about its storyline. Right now one cannot predict whether this movie will surpass the $1.104 billion box office earnings of Transformers: Age of Extinction or not, but one thing is clear that this time it is serious. Something that we have never seen in Michael Bay’s movies. Here is Transformers: The Last Night International Trailer Review for all of you who are anxiously waiting for this movie.

The title gives us a hint that the decade old Transformer franchise is going to wrap itself up. Which makes sense to me. People have somehow become less interested in watching good robots fighting the bad robots. But could this really be the end of Transformer legacy?

First of all, here is the Transformers: The Last Knight Trailers which were uploaded on YouTube. Now that you have seen the trailer let us have a closer look at it.


What? A bleeding crucifix? Is it human blood or the transformer’s blood? But wait… Do transformers really bleed? Why not? We have seen them urinating so possibilities are that this can be the transformers blood or some machine fluid.  Now this is something serious and it is confusing most of us. First half of the trailer is all about ancient wars, knights riding the horses, bleeding soldiers and Nazis terrorizing Europe.

Transformer movies have always been about glamorous chicks (remember the first Transformers film had Megan Fox bending over a car in a pair of tight shorts) and cool robots the trailer shows that this movie is going to break the core transformer myths.

But what is the purpose of these historic flashbacks? Is this a clue that the key to saving the future of humans and transformers lies buried in the secrets of the past? Well, maybe.



The trailer makes it very clear that the transformers have been a part of human history since a very long time. Have you seen that Dragon? Yeah, it shows that Transformers used to change into dragons before cars, trucks, and jets existed. Cool, isn’t it?


Why is Optimus Prime lost in the space? What happened to him? Remember that he blasted off into space to look for The Creators at the end of Transformers: The Age of Extinction. God, I think the makers wanted us to believe that our hero is dead. Obviously, it’s fake. Optimus Prime can never die.

Now the trailer has so many things to notice. We can see Optimus Prime and Bumblebee fighting. Have you noticed during the fight that his eyes were glowing purple instead of the usual electric blue? Maybe he is under some kind of trance. See I told you that this time is going to be something serious. Why are our heroes turning into villains? Is it really the end? Well, we will figure it out when the movie hits the theaters.


Meet Isabela Moner is playing a character named Izabella. She was orphaned during the battle of Chicago. We can see her trying to fix a broken and wonky Vespa scooter transformer known as Sqweeks.

Later we can see Cade Yaeger aka Mark Wahlberg running to grab her while some explosion goes off in the distance in front of what appears to be several Transformers. Are they Autobots or Decepticons? If both of them are running, then they might not be the friendly ones. We can tell that when Moner says, “I want to stay, and I want to fight them.” Brave Girl…

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins clip in a large room with some important artifacts hints that maybe he is playing the Wise counsellor or someone who knows the Human-Transformer history really well. Notice that the sword is same that we saw in the opening shot.

The sword has a Latin text on it “Victoria Sine” which means “victory without”. This gives a hint towards a line said by Hopkins earlier in the trailer “Without sacrifice, there can be no victory”. Could this possibly mean that someone has to sacrifice his/her life to save the future? Is it a hint that someone is going to die? Maybe the title is not about the end of Transformer movies. Maybe it gives us a hint towards a major death. Who is going to die? Gosh, there are so many questions and the wait is killing us.

I have already fallen in love with its trailer and am anxiously waiting for the movie to hit the theaters. I am sure it is going to surprise us all. Fingers Crossed!

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