Game of Thrones Season 7 Directors: Our Fantastic Four Mamas

Leadership is very important. It plays a vital role. Let us take example of our homes. We are nothing without our mothers. Why? Have you ever thought about this? Well… Its answer is easy but this job is not. They know everything and have answers to all our questions. Mothers keep us organized. They lead. While the only question we ask from our father is: “Dad, where is Mama?” So, you have got well how much leadership is important. Now… The situation is not different when it comes to managing a series-crew. Directors – they are the backbone of success of any film or show as they keep actors and the whole set organized.

Today, we will be introducing the fantastic four directors who are leading Game of Thrones’ gang in season 7. Guess what? they are all men:

Jeremy Podeswa

He is the only one among our “Fantastic Fours” who has directed seven episodes of Game of Thrones season seven. Previously he has directed Boardwalk Empire, Queer as Folk, and The Tudors. He was the one who directed John Snow’s resurrection.

Mark Mylod

He has directed episode 2 and 3 of the series. Talking about his previous experience, he has directed Entourage, The Royle Family and Shameless. What he loved the most? Arya Stark and the Waif final face-off in the episode 8 of Game of Thrones season 6. We must say, his choice is a “fire”.

Mark Maylod arrives at the “What’s Your Number?” Los Angeles Premiere at the Regency Village Theatre on September 19, 2011 in Westwood, California.

Matt Shakman

He has directed episode 4 and 5. He has previously directed many TV series, like House, The Good Wife, and FX’s Fargo. When we asked about his favorite Game of Thrones season, he said “All!”. Matt is surely a GoT Maniac. 

Matt Shakman during an interview.

Alan Taylor

He has directed only one episode and that is episode number 6. He has also directed Thor, The Dark World, Sex and the City, and Terminator Genisys. His most favorite Game of Thrones episode is Valar Morghulis , when Daenerys sealed her suitor Xaro Xhoan Daxos inside Qarth vault, and then Arya discovered powers of the Faceless Men. (Wow, man, your choice…)

Alan Taylor on the sets of Thor 2


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