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Money Can’t Lie (The Sleeper Book 1) by Anna Schlegel Review

Anna Schlegel’s “Money Can’t Lie”

Writer: Anna Schlegel

Plot: Vlad Holt (Russian Spy) and Harvey Smith (American Spy)

Amazon.com Customer Ratings: 3.5 stars out of 5

Wise people say, life is tasteless without books, which is so true and very hard to disagree. Being a history enthusiastic, I am always on hunt to get my hands on something interesting. Usually, in order to know more i.e., about our world’s “past”, we have to read very lengthy books of more than thousand pages .

But, to be honest, I absolutely hate reading bulky books. They are so hard to handle after all; and also, I am lazy and don’t like being on the same for months. That is why I always look for “shortcuts”. While looking for and opting any such shortcut, I have made two rules for myself. No ifs or buts, it “must be interesting” and “no compromises at all”.

Recently, I got a chance to make Anna Schlegel’s “Money Can’t Lie (The Sleeper Book 1)” my companion for few days. I must say, it was beyond my expectations. Firstly of all, it was almost of two hundred pages. This feature made me opt it at once. Before shopping it, I searched for it’s reviews on the internet. Many people were a little unhappy with the translation which was down from Russian to English. They were preferring the Russian version. Hence, my hands trembled a bit while I started reading it. But…. I got comfortable with it in no time.

Words which were used were very easy and so was the language. It truly was of my type. As a history lover, I have always found talks about Russia and America very interesting. It has become more like a hobby for me to keep my eyes on their matters. First page of this book… and I was actually in awe that how a tiff between these two super powers was given the form of a novel. Telling you a secret, I had never thought that one day I would get to know about the adventurous past of the world in this way. Anna and her two spys did a wonder.

“Money can’t lie” contains a unique blend of actions, suspense, fraud, money and history, with a particular focus on the 20th century revolution and the consequences of these events Harvey Smith. For a mess in transaction involving a large number of prominent countries, these two spy were hired. But how circumstances turned against them? Why were suddenly they called “traitors”? What they did? Did they succeed or not in proving their innocence? Well.. Mentioning that here will be an “offense”, Seriously. I really do not want to do that.

So, it is better that one must read this great piece himself or herself. There is a plenty of room for humor as well. Indeed, the very idea of making the two spys the citizens of two staunchest rivals was very great. I loved that the most. I recommend everyone to read it. To order it from Amazon.com you can Click here…

Last words: Simpleand interesting. You do not need a detective’s or philosopher’s brain to enjoy its bits. This book is for everyone.

Rating: 8/10

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